Alyster & Buttercup is a comic strip written and illustrated by Jordan Monsell. The strip follows the adventures of Buttercup, a dairy cow, and Alyster, her would be alien abductor.

Alyster, a young alien “Gray”, is sent to earth to abduct a cow, as part of his “right of passage”. In the attempted abduction, Buttercup, the intended victim, crashes Alyster’s spaceship, stranding him on Earth. The two become unlikely friends, working together to avoid capture by the US military, alien bounty-hunters, and two FBI field agents. It’s "The X-Files" meets "O, Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Creator Speaks!

So it recently occurred to me that I haven't formally introduced myself yet. So for you few devoted readers of my webcomic, Hello! Thanks for checking back every other day to see what Alyster and Buttercup are up to. Your comments are always appreciated--so don't be shy! Have you ever seen a UFO? Been visited by mysterious government agents? Or just think I shouldn't quit my day job, tell me about it!

Now a few news-worthy items:

~With any luck, AlysterandButtercup.com - the webcomic's official site - should be up and running within the next few weeks.  At that point, I'll be posting new comics there, but will most likely still keep the blog around for posting news articles, sketches, and so on. 

~When will  these comics be available in book form?  This was a question I was asked recently and I wish I could answer "soon", but I want to have a substantial number of strips before I publish the first book, and this will likely come at the end of this storyline. Think of it as Season 1 of  (insert your favorite show). As soon as the book is available, it will be available for purchase in the 'Store' section of the new website, and at Comic Conventions across the country.

~Lastly, Alyster and Buttercup need your help to reach the masses. They're still the "new kids in school"; as many of you know, there are thousands of webcomics out there. So if you like what you've been reading, share it with your friends!

Many thanks,
~Jordan Monsell
Burbank, CA
"First star to the right and straight on til morning."


  1. I love the comic. I will tell you a psychologist friend of mine, a university professor who taught a course on the subject of UFOs, was very impressed by your strip. Sadly, he died in December before he could tell you himself. I had told him about it and we had several e-mail exchanges in which he commented on the strip. Keep up the good work!

    As for me, the only thing I've seen was a blue cigar object which was most likely the sky reflected off of a B-52. As I was on top of Mount Oread I would not have seen the wings.

  2. David, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Did he teach at The University of Kansas?

  3. No, he workers for a university in Montana that I uses to work for. He was one if the most intelligent people I've ever met. Best if all he was one of the nicest!