Alyster & Buttercup is a comic strip written and illustrated by Jordan Monsell. The strip follows the adventures of Buttercup, a dairy cow, and Alyster, her would be alien abductor.

Alyster, a young alien “Gray”, is sent to earth to abduct a cow, as part of his “right of passage”. In the attempted abduction, Buttercup, the intended victim, crashes Alyster’s spaceship, stranding him on Earth. The two become unlikely friends, working together to avoid capture by the US military, alien bounty-hunters, and two FBI field agents. It’s "The X-Files" meets "O, Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Sunday, March 27, 2011

#93 - The Top Ten UFO Sightings (Part 1)


  1. I love this comic, especially since I live in Great Falls. They had an earlier event over the baseball diamond in town.

    Also, I spotted a newer comic that followed this one, but it seems to have vanished now. Aliens?

  2. What was the newer comic David? Number 92?

  3. It said it was 94, it appeared once above 93 and then vanished the next time I looked.